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A Copper Play Made For These Times


The world needs more copper production to meet the ever-growing demand.
Trigon Metals is proud to be leading the way in the exploration, development and production of copper and silver in some of Africa’s best jurisdictions.

Trigon Metals is a publicly-traded Canadian company with its core business focused on copper production and exploration in mine-friendly African jurisdictions.
The company’s projects include copper production at the Kombat Mine in Namibia, coupled with Silver Hill, a highly prospective copper and silver exploration project in Morocco.

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Providing A New Supply For Growing Copper Demand


It can take decades to take a new resource from the discovery stage to a world-class mining operation.
With all infrastructure and permits in place, Trigon’s flagship project, the Kombat Mine, emerges as a copper play made for these times. A copper mine located in a well-governed and mining-supportive country with high-grade copper, soon to be supplying copper to meet the growing demand.

While producing copper in Namibia, Trigon continues the exploration of its copper and silver resources in Morocco.

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The Time For Copper Is Now


Trigon is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TM: TSX.V) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (TZU2: FRA).

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