Toronto, Canada – March 3, 2016 – Kombat Copper Inc. (TSX-V: KBT) (“Kombat Copper” or the “Company”) has signed a definitive agreement with EBM Mining Namibia (Pty) Ltd. (“EBM”) to carry out development and mining of lead/copper mineralization at the Kombat Mine while also commencing the refurbishment of the mine infrastructure and production facilities. Production is expected to commence within the year.

The key terms of the definitive agreement are as follows:

  • EBM will commence operations in the Kombat East and Kombat Central areas of the Kombat mine for a three year term. The Company’s core areas of Kombat West, Asis West and Asis Far West are excluded. EBM will also focus on the lead enriched Gross Otavi Deposit located 12 km to the west of Kombat
  • EBM has committed to making an investment to refurbish certain necessary components and infrastructure, which will benefit Kombat Copper in the future. Kombat Copper will have the right to acquire all the installed components and infrastructure at the end of the three year contract for a nominal N$1 and does not have to invest any capital up front.
  • Profits will be split equally between Kombat Copper and EBM. Kombat Copper has agreed to reimburse up to 50% of EBM’s capital investment from 50% of its profit share.
  • EBM will pay operating costs directly. To maintain control, Kombat Copper will collect the proceeds from the sale of materials and then pay EBM its contracting fee.
  • Kombat Copper will earn a N$150,000 (CAD$15,000) monthly retainer to cover its monthly Namibian carrying costs. EBM has also agreed to assume security costs for the site.
  • Kombat Copper also has the right to re-start mining in other areas of the mine and use its infrastructure before the three year contract expires.
  • EBM has agreed to manage all environmental compliance associated with re-starting mining operations.
  • EBM will source local skilled and non-skilled labour and will utilize local suppliers and contractors, whenever possible, from the Kombat region. In its role as contractor, EBM will be managing the hiring process to support operations.
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