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Assay Results


Assay results from holes S13, S14, S15 and S27 showing continuity of Silver Hill mineralization. The holes are comprised of a 150m wide four-hole fence of drilling to test the geometry and extent of the mineralization at the Silver Hill project in Morocco. (April, 2021)

Drill N°Result
S275 metres @ 1.4% copper and 33.6 g/t silver from 21 metres depth plus 3 metres @ 0.61% copper and 40 g/t silver.
S13 8 metre @ 1.8% copper and 121 g/t silver from 32.5 metre depth. Assay results included a 0.5 m interval of 14.87% copper 1000 g/t silver and 173 ppm cobalt
S142 metres @ 1.27% copper and 5 g/t silver from 63 metre depth.

The fence of drilling shows that while Mineralization in the earlier angled holes was concentrated adjacent to the contact between the lower sandstone and upper schist, however, the vertical hole, drilled entirely in sandstone, is very well mineralized and the mineralization remains open to the north. This observation appears to corroborate mineralization recognized in trenches 1.5 km away.

Diagram 1: Two-Dimensional Cross Section of Fence Drilling


Map 1: Four-Hole Fence in Relation to Other Drill Work at Silver Hill

Highlighted Drilling Results

Continuous Sample Data from Fence | Highlighted Drilling Results

Trench Assay Results


A trench has been completed on fresh rock below the saprolite (February, 2021). In addition, this trench at the site of the S9 Drill hole, has given Trigon the best view of the nature of the mineralization, with results showing a strong structurally controlled hydrothermal system.

  • 13 m trench grading 2.7% copper, 34.5 g/t silver and 82 ppm cobalt
  • Trench has been completed on fresh rock below the saprolite, 5 metres below the surface level
  • S9: 31 metre intersection with an average grade of 0.7%, including a 3-metre intersection at 1.8%

The trench was 30m in total length ramping down to the target area and samples were taken some 5 metres below the surface level.

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Continuous Samples from Trench | Highlighted Drilling Results

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