Social Responsibility


Trigon Metals believes in operating responsibly. In Namibia, mining, including the extraction of gem diamonds, uranium, gold, silver, and base metals, is the cornerstone of the economy. Therefore it generates 25% of the country’s revenue. We are committed to the long-term prosperity and well-being of the people of Namibia.

Trigon seeks to advance the ideals of corporate responsibility in Namibia through the following initiatives:

Ownership Structure


To ensure national participation in the discovery, exploitation, and beneficiation of Namibia’s mineral resources 10% of our shares are held by local partners and a further 10% are held by the Epangelo State Company. Epangelo is a private company held by the Government of the Republic of Namibia which aims to include Namibian citizens in all stages of the mining process, whilst developing and consolidating a portfolio of high-quality assets and services for the benefit of its stakeholders.


Community Garden


The Kombat Community Garden was established by Trigon and inaugurated in 2021. Trigon Metals believes in operating responsibly, that’s why the company sponsored the two-hectare vegetable garden and fish farm and maintains it in collaboration with the local community at Kombat. The garden produces a range of crops, most of which are distributed to residents of Kombat Village and nearby Neu Sommerau.

The remaining produce is sold to defer the costs of garden upkeep and cover the wages of the more than sixty local women who keep the garden growing.

Mining Day Visit


Mining day introduces the Kombat Mine to local grade 9 students from the secondary school in Kombat Village, with the aim of inspiring local youth to consider pursuing careers in mining.


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